FireAre your affiliate commissions slumping? Webmasters across the board have noticed a decrease in advertising revenue, a large slump in consumer spending, and a massive change in consumer confidence that’s threatening the online landscape as we know it. With the future of the financial world largely in question, people just aren’t buying online as they once were. No matter what their interests, credit levels or income amounts, sales are down across the board, marketers are packing up shop, and service providers are looking elsewhere for a lucrative future.

It’s not difficult to think that now isn’t the best time to be a marketer. In many ways it’s not. If you’re a fan of conventional thinking you’ll have trouble doing well in this climate. If you’re someone that thinks that throwing money at problems will help fix them, you’re in for a hard run. But if you’re someone that values innovation, creativity and change above all else, you’ll have very little trouble making a truly valuable affiliate marketing income in this climate.

People aren’t afraid to spend. They’re afraid to spend on something that isn’t determined as valuable. If the economic crisis has taught marketers one thing, it’s that the play field has totally changed. People don’t trust big companies and the traditional indicators of success and prestige any more, they trust people like themselves. This is why review websites have become such an important and lucrative market — people need to know that others share their opinion, and understand exactly why and how they’re spending.

If you want to capitalize on this fear of big, just do one simple thing: be small. Small is truly the new big (thanks Seth Godin). Be small, be micro-communities, be something that people can trust as something other than a corporate entity or soulless company.

The funny thing is, those marketers are excelling, and doing more business than ever. By applying these innovative techniques, marketers are maximizing sales and setting new records while others are being lost in the dust. If you want to do the same, and aren’t afraid of trying new things, this report is a must read. Packed with information for maximizing sales, it’s a sure fire way to create new business during tough times.

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So don’t despair; fortune is out there for those who innovate. By applying the strategies in this free report, you can be an innovator rather than a follower, and create the online sales success that you need.

Click Here To Download Your Free Fire Your Boss Report