What Is ezArticleLink?

ezArticlelink is a one-way link building system that helps its members to build unlimited backlinks to unlimited website and webpages via its ever-growing article network.

Members can submit articles to the system and have each article published in hundreds of other websites in the network and hence get hundreds of backlinks with just one article!

But that’s not the main point.

With the proprietary dual link-building system, It doesn’t just build backlinks to members’ webpages. they even build backlinks to the webpages that link to members webpages!

Most (if not all) other article networks simply publish articles to other websites in their networks. They do not and are technically incapable of building backlinks to every webpage where the article is published.

But ezarticleLink can!

Here is a what one EZarticleLink member had to say

Seems like this service is incredible ! I have only posted one article to the system and I have already improved my ranking, even for pages that is not getting backlinks from the article !!!! From position 7 to 5 in Google. That page has been a seven for many, many months !!! I only have 13 articles on that site but now have 39 pages indexed in google !!! The page that is getting backlinks from article in system has gone from number 22 to number 12 in google…..!! :) Just wanted to let you know. You are a genious ! :) – Mikael Jaderberg

Two memberships are available.

Silver membership is Free but very limited
Gold is best with unlimited articles creating unlimited links for your websites.

You earn backlink credits whenever your referrals and their referrals submit articles to the system!
Yes, you read it right. their backlink reward is a 2-tier system. Whenever your 1st-tier and 2nd-tier referrals submit an article to the system, you will earn 5 bonuslink credits (10 if you are a Gold member). Every bonuslink credit will get you 1 backlink.

Assuming if you refer 20 people and each of the 20 people refers 20 other people, that means you have a total of 420 people in your network. If each of them submit just 1 article every month (which is extremely minimal) you will earn 2100 backlinks every month (4200 if you are a Gold member). Now, what if they are active SEO marketers and submit 10 articles every month? That means you’ll earn 21,000 backlinks every month (or 42,000 for Gold)!

Just imagine having over 42,000 backlinks to your websites. Get in now and be sure to grab the Gold membership, its the best.

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